Job offers & Information for prospective students

We publish job offers and funded Master’s and Doctorate projects on the platform of the Leibniz-IZW and advertise them here and on Twitter. But we also welcome ‘spontaneous’ applications. So feel free to get in touch!

We currently have no position opening in our team.

If you would want to become a member of our team, we invite you to first review the content of our website, especially the section “Our discoveries” and our blog, and to read some of the papers that members of the team have published (see our list of Publications).

Should you decide that your interests coincide well with our own, contact us via email. Please write your email in English. Our team is composed of internationals and English is our working language. Particular attention will be paid to your ability to communicate in English. So make sure to polish your email :0)!

Please note that for administrative reasons we do not provide positions for field-based internships, assistantships or research projects to Master’s students that are not Tanzanian citizens. There is however the possibility for non-Tanzanian doctoral students and post-doctoral collaborators to conduct field work in Tanzania.

In your email, you should:

  • Indicate in what position you want to take part in our research; e.g., assistant (desk-, lab- or field-based), intern, Master’s student, Doctoral student, and when (month/year and length of period);
  • Clearly state your field(s) of interest, what conceptual or practical expertise you have in those fields, and why you want to join our team;
  • Include the reference (why not even the abstract) to key publications you may have produced;
  • Indicate names and institutions of key people you have worked with and who we could contact in case we wish to inquire a letter of recommendation;
  • Enclose a short CV.